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To provide a great mentorship experience, it is important to define each person’s roles and responsibilities. Let’s take a look at what that means for you and you mentor.


Throughout the year, eMentorConnect® will provide you with fearless mentoring tips to empower you to reach your career goals through mentorship. Here’s #5!


THE ASK: Be Fearless in your what you ask of your Mentor. If you don’t ask, you won’t get what you want.  Resource article: Mentee’s Roles and Responsibilities




Presented by:  EMC TEXT@4x

Remember the old teacher standby: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Well, this week we are going to discuss how to build a proper plan to be fearless and ensure success.


Throughout the year, eMentorConnect® will provide you with fearless mentoring tips to empower you to reach your career goals through mentorship. Here’s #4!


PLAN: Plan your meeting agendas ahead of time. Make the most of your time together. Be Fearless in what you want to accomplish during each meeting. Respect your time and your Mentor’s time. Read this article about how to prepare for your first meeting.




WICT Southeast election season is coming upon us.  Have you thought of becoming a board member? Whether you’re a creative executive, an accountant, a manager, an attorney or even a coordinator, serving on WICT SE’s board will help you do your job better.

Anne Loescher, current president of WICT SE and Bounce TV’s Senior Director of Strategy & Planning for Creative Services, explained to me the following: “Since I joined the board in 2014, I’ve been promoted three times. When I received my most recent promotion earlier this year, our CEO specifically mentioned that my experience on the WICT board of directors prepared me to move into this senior leadership role at the company.”

Here’s what you can gain:

Strengthen your professional credibility and personal brand

Taking on a board position is the perfect place to showcase your expertise and value within the industry because it raises your professional profile.  Robyne Gordon, WICT SE’s Director of Red Letter Awards and corporate legal manager for Turner Entertainment Networks, told me she “had an opportunity to interact with industry leaders in “low pressure” environments (e.g. Red Letter Awards, Taste of WICT, etc.).  Having this type of interaction as an initial meeting sets the stage for you to build rapport on a personal level and nurture and expand upon that platform for your professional development.” Robyne mentioned that being a board member has put her personal brand on display, both knowingly and unknowingly. She also said her position gives her a “bird’s eye view on how you’re perceived, how you work under pressure and your leadership skills” that can propel your personal brand to heights you have not previously imagined.

Meet interesting people. Gain exposure and insight

A big responsibility of being on any nonprofit board is to raise awareness of the organization, which is a great way to expand your professional network.  Serving on WICT Southeast board, you gain new perspectives by engaging with people from diverse backgrounds.  Janine Bowling, an Inside Sales Manager with ARRIS, has served on WICT SE board as Director of Partnership for a year and a half. Since taking on her role, Janine says her “visibility has increased within the company because of being on the board. Since my company is a national sponsor, we are highly encouraged to join the board or become very active within our local chapter.”

Sharpen your skills

Serving on WICT’s board will enable you to strengthen a variety of professional skills that will help your career and give you the opportunity to step up and lead. LaShaun Solomon, Senior Director of Partnerships for WICT SE and Community Account Executive for Comcast told me, “I have had opportunities to practice my people management skills as well as grow my leadership skills. Both of these skills I consider pertinent to my professional career growth. Another benefit of being a part of this board is that you get to learn and pursue a skill that you otherwise may not be able to in one’s current role.”

Grow as a leader. Help the next generation.

Serving on a board can be life changing and amplify your career path because it’s a tremendous opportunity to develop as a leader. But you might find the most rewarding and biggest impact you may find is how you can help others reach their goals.  Anne Loescher said “as women in this industry, I feel that we have a responsibility to help each other. Getting involved with the board is a great way to give back and help to develop the next generation of leaders.”


What’s the number one reason to join? As Nicole Hight, current Tennessee Director of Membership and HGTV Program Planning Coordinator says “it’s FUN! You get to work and travel with a great group of people who have similar interests and just want to help and see each other succeed.”

Before you sign up, keep in mind that pursuing a role on the board may require considerable time and effort and it’s not always glamorous.  Depending on the position, you can expect to devote a minimum of 5 to 15 hours per month, but the payoff could be worth it. Robyne Gordon says it best, “It is a demanding commitment with unlimited benefits” and is worth every minute that you spend on it.

Nominations for WICT SE board open from July 31 – August 18, and elections will take place in September. WICT SE welcomes participation from all facets of our industry. And you do not have to have an upper management title or position to serve; however, you must have your supervisor’s approval to run.

If you have any questions about a board position, please contact WICT SE Vice President Jamie Miller via email at