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June 29, 2017


by wictseblog

Presented by:  EMC TEXT@4x

Now that your mentor accepted your request to meet, let’s discuss steps to ensure clarity in communication for both parties.


Throughout the year, eMentorConnect® will provide you with fearless mentoring tips to empower you to reach your career goals through mentorship. Here’s #3!



COMMUNICATE:  They accepted and you are thrilled! Now what? Fearlessly own and drive the relationship and your development. They want to be there for you, but you will have to let them know what you need from them.  Follow these simple steps and get the most out of your mentorship:

  • Respond quickly to their acceptance, and reach out to schedule your first meeting.
  • Get to know as much as you can about your mentor before your first meeting if possible (resume, bio, LinkedIn profile); build your understanding of all they ways they can provide guidance to you.
  • Send background information about yourself prior to your first meeting as well as an outline of your aspirations and specific skills or issues you would like to discuss in your first meeting.
  • Be prepared! Thoughtfully capture your discussion notes and questions for your meeting with mentor. A mentor is not a mind reader, and will very much want to know they are addressing your specific needs.
  • Ask for candid feedback and acknowledge your own weaknesses or blind spots
  • Evaluate the mentorship by uncovering and discussing obstacles, and adjusting as needed


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