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May 23, 2017

Your Fearless Mentoring Journey

by wictseblog

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Have you joined a WICT SE mentoring circle?  Or maybe you have identified someone that you really want to ask to be your mentor; however, they are 2 levels above you in your organization. They would be perfect to help you in your mentoring goals, but you must be fearless!

Throughout the year, eMentorConnect® will provide you with fearless mentoring tips to empower you to reach your career goals through mentorship. Here’s #1!

INITIATE: Prepare to be your Fearless self. Plan how you will approach that special person you would like to start a mentorship with.  Imagine you are in the elevator and they step in, the only other person in the elevator with you. You have 6 seconds to act and to deliver your interest in having a first mentorship conversation with them. What would you say? This is your “elevator” speech.  Be Fearless, and lead the conversation and let them know what’s in it for them and you. How have they inspired you? What trait do you recognize in them that you wish to develop?  Some of the most inspiring messages are based on something as simple as a sentence, a question or a quote that resonates with you, and connects your head to your heart.  Plan your conversation and practice it. How will you connect to your Mentor?



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