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August 5, 2016

Leadership Interview: Cindy Finke

by wictseblog

By Valerie Carrillo

Cindy Finke of CMT shares some of her leadership advice with WICT.

Cindy Finke


Name: Cindy Finke

Where do you currently work? CMT/Viacom

What is your current role? VP, Program Publicity and Communications

Where are you currently located? Nashville, TN

What is your favorite quote?  “You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” Not sure who said this originally, but the words definitely speak to me.


Share 3 personal facts so our readers get to know you

  1. I am a huge animal lover and currently I have two dogs that are the best.
  2. My happy places are La Jolla, California (where I went to college) and Maui,Hawaii – which I don’t get to visit often enough.
  3. I am a little obsessed with pandas, sushi, travel & lifestyle blogs andimproving my photography skills.

Describe your journey to your current position

I was a television news reporter and anchor out of college and after a few years of doing that, I changed paths and got an assistant job in publicity at a cable network in Los Angeles.  Three cable networks and a move to Nashville later, I landed at CMT.  I started here as a Sr. Publicist and worked my way up to Vice President.

What was the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career?  How did you overcome it?

Self-doubt is the biggest obstacle I have faced.  I leaned on my mentors and bosses to help me gain the confidence that I needed to move up in my career.

How do you find joy and pleasure in your role?  How do you encourage others on your team to share in this?

The joy in my job comes from working with my team. We are a tight-knit group that takes our work seriously, but have fun while doing it.  I also get joy from successes – seeing the fruits of my labor whether it is seeing a red carpet come together beautifully or seeing a headline that is on target with our messaging.

What is the best career advice for an emerging female leader?

Find a mentor and be an advocate for others.  Seek out opportunities to grow.  Use WICT as a resource for their leadership programs – each one is valuable. 

Our theme this year is “Know Yourself.”  In what ways do you find that “knowing yourself” has helped you in your career? How would you advise other leaders to incorporate these lessons into their approach?

“Knowing Yourself” means knowing your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, corevalues and more. These things all shape who you are and what you want to accomplish in a career.  Realize that as much as you think you know yourself, you can always learn more about yourself and grow.  The Betsy Magness Leadership Institute was the prime example of coming out of a program knowing myself in a way I had never even thought possible.  These new discoveries are helping me look ahead on my career path.

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