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March 23, 2016

Why Would a Man Join WICT?

by wictseblog

By Jeff Goelz

Jeff GoelzRecently I was asked, as a male, why I had joined WICT Southeast. My first response was, “Why not?” thinking little of the reason behind the question. On the surface one might expect someone like me to say I joined to network with professionals in the cable telecommunications industry and in doing so would, hopefully, lead to job interviews, offers and a career opportunity from a prospective company connected to WICT Southeast.  And while on the surface that’s a true expectation, below the surface, and more to my core, is that I joined for two other significant reasons: 1) support gender equality and pay equity in the workplace; and 2) give back in support of the various women who have had an impact on my life by helping those in need.

You see, since the age of five I was raised by my mother. She was then recently divorced with two young children finding her way, receiving no real support of any kind, employing clerical skills she gained while working in the banking and securities industries that preceded her marriage.  Back in the early 1970s women weren’t afforded the same opportunities as men much less significant leadership roles in the workplace.  Today, fortunately, we find more women in management positions and leadership roles, but it’s clear that women still have not achieved on par equality and pay equity in the workplace.  As a male member of WICT Southeast heading into my third year of membership, I am witness to so many amazing women and want to do my part in closing that remaining gap whenever I’m in a position with a new employer.

WICT Southeast has allowed me the opportunity to grow and “Know Yourself” through various networking and volunteer opportunities that I might have not received in another trade organization. I’m truly grateful for these varied experiences. And I believe to “Know Yourself” is a mighty and empowering mantra whether it’s moving yourself forward, helping a fellow WICT Southeast member or affecting change that elevates the human experience.  WICT Southeast sets the stage to “Know Yourself.”

Jeff Goelz is a Marketing Strategy & Business Development Executive and was recently named WICT Southeast Chapter Volunteer of the Year.

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