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June 16, 2014

WICT Executive Roundtable

by wictseblog

patreecedechabertI’ve learned that on this road to success, there are many directions we can take. As we navigate the course, there may be wrong turns and speed bumps along the way. We should not turn around in fear, heading back to the safety of home. We should proceed cautiously and keep driving forward.

WICT held an amazing event recently in which we heard from a few savvy executives across various companies.

Panelists included:

Jennifer Dangar, President of Distribution & Business Development – The Weather Company

Sophia Kelley, SVP Programming – Up TV

Debbie Stackis, SVP & GM of Video CPE – ARRIS

Pola Changnon, VP of On-Air Promotions & Creative Director for TCM – Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

If you missed the Executive Roundtable discussion, here is what I consider to be the key takeaways:

  • Communicate a lot…people won’t remember the first time. Reinforce it.
  • Be flexible, be very flexible.
  • Condition your brain to understand change as a reinvention rather than a fearful, abrupt event or as a failure….and even the word failure isn’t bad because in every failure there is an opportunity for growth.
  • Celebrate our accomplishments and continue working on our resume as a living breathing document. Constantly take stock of your developing skills.
  • Ask: how would you change this, if you were me?
  • If change does one positive thing for you, it’s resilience. This will help you to see the signs about what people are saying and even aren’t saying.
  • Read Who Moved My Cheese.
  • There are three Steps of Change: Current, Transition, and Future.
  • Don’t harp on things, hitting the rewind button so often as we do. Instead, try hitting the fast forward button and imagine the positive picture three months from now.


Patreece DeChabert is a blog contributor and producer with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


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