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August 1, 2013

No Regrets: 3 Interview Questions to Predict Your Job Satisfaction

by wictseblog

by: Allyn Woodward

AllynW B&W

It’s the start of the school year and with the coming orange, red, and yellow September leaves comes the hustle-and-bustle of job seekers for December and May graduates. It is a mix of excitement with a lot of anxiety. So, in your job search, come prepared with three questions to secure that “no regrets” job offer.

1. What is the turnover rate?

As a soon-to-be graduate, the turnover rate may not be the first question on your list of interview questions for potential employers. Company culture, health insurance, and job prospects are always on the A-list. However, unlike past generations, our generation doesn’t plan on a thirty-plus commitment with one company. From international to out-of-state job opportunities, this generation is keeping its options wide-open for life experiences. Nevertheless, don’t let this new model allow you to overlook this important question: What is the turnover rate?

Short turnover rates are a clear warning sign for something amiss. When and human resources aren’t giving you any warning signs, this question can lead you clearly show you how the employees feel about the overall company experience.

2. What is the plan for advancement?

For some jobs, advancement is really determined by the individual. In the film industry, one might start of as a production assistant but move into directing, lights, or another department. As you grow, you find your niche. However, some organizations lay out clear paths from entry-level to senior level positions. Make sure to ask about a specific timeline. Have a clear timeline for yourself within the company to make sure you are learning the necessary responsibilities for the next steps.

3. When is the timeline and how are performance reviews measured?

Performance reviews should be a combination of the past, present, and future. They help to build upon your personal advancement as well as how you contribute to the company’s current and future advancement. If human resources is unclear on the timeline and measurements, the company may not be consistent on communicating with their talent or explaining the company’s goals and vision.

Now you’re equipped with these “no regrets” interview questions, what are some interview questions that you will or should’ve asked during the interview process?

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