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May 10, 2012

Reinventing You!

by WICT Mentoring Blog

by Kathy Hatala, SVP Business Development/Speakeasy Inc.

After working in the cable industry for 20+ years and finding myself in the job market in 2010, I had some big decisions to make. What’s next? Do I have to relocate to find work? What makes sense for my career path and where is all this leading? What do I really want to do next? Frankly, all these questions seemed a bit overwhelming at times.

After a long job search, I found myself digging deep and really asking, what is it I loved to do and is there something out there that matches that passion? I knew I really enjoyed managing a staff, developing employees and mentoring others. There is no greater joy for me than helping someone achieve greater things in life and bringing someone to their full potential. I also knew I loved the cable industry, client relations and building relationships to achieve business results.

So, what in my career had those elements? I had numerous client relationships, mostly through my network distribution sales & marketing background, along with years of serving on the WICT SE Chapter board. My WICT membership and participation enabled me to make some great friends and contacts in the industry. In addition, I remembered taking a Speakeasy class on communication style & delivery, when I first started my local ad sales job with The Weather Channel. Participating in the Speakeasy 3-day program had given me a new sense of self awareness around the competency of communication, helping me to be more authentic and connect more with my audience (whether it was one person or a room of 350 people).

That said, I reached out to Speakeasy (based inAtlanta) for an informational interview. Fortunately, Scott Weiss, Speakeasy CEO, was a former Turner executive years ago, so I networked my way into a meeting. Through the interview process, I found there was a mutual interest regarding my passion for how they develop individuals and teams around communication…and my cable industry background and client base. Long story short, here I am. 

This story is all about digging deep inside yourself and really finding what “clicks” for you. You and you alone own your career path. If you are at a cross roads (like I was) and looking for “what’s next”, start with some self reflection…jot down what really is important to you and start putting the puzzle pieces together. Remember to continue to network constantly and become an active WICT member. As they say, “network even when you don’t need a job”. All these relationships will come into play as you begin to reinvent yourself and discover your new path…your journey.

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