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March 14, 2012

My WICT Experiences

by WICT Mentoring Blog

by Anna Elliott

Before entering this program I did not know what to expect. I was familiar with WICT, but in regards to the activities and mentoring program they provided for my colleagues at Georgia Tech and me, I was unaware.

Then WICT happened, the mentoring program began and I have found myself so thankful for the ability to be a part of such a valuable learning opportunity as well as a program designed to develop leadership skills, direction in starting our careers, and a chance to network with other women in various roles in the cable telecommunications industry.

If I had to say one thing about WICT that I found most valuable it would be described with the word growth.

I found the trend to be growth throughout this program. Leadership growth, network growth, personal growth, knowledge growth, and the list continues. What does this mean for me? Through the support of this mentoring program I have grown in my relationships and knowledge of this industry. My mentor in this program has given me advice and direction to aid me in my job search and interview preparation, not to mention she has given her time to provide her knowledge to me at this critical point in my life.

A friend of mine at Georgia Tech encouraged me to apply for the WICT program. She had only positive things to say and her relationship with her mentor even at the completion of the program has continued to stay strong. I am a senior at Georgia Tech and wanted to give it a shot and have the chance to participate before graduation. I am so glad I did. Aside from the growth I experienced as mentioned, I found the program to also be a lot of fun. Touring the Turner studios and experiencing a “behind-the-scenes” look was something I will never forget. I enjoyed it and appreciated the time that the WICT Mentoring Program spent to organize and deliver such a fun, educational field trip.

It is also encouraging to see women like those in this mentoring program that want to give back. Providing an experience such as this one, motivates me to one day do the same. This program truly capitalizes on cultivating future leaders and I would encourage those who have the opportunity to participate in this program to not think-twice about it. The things I have learned and taken from this experience will be invaluable to me and my future.

Anna Elliott was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently a senior at Georgia Institute of Technology pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Chemistry graduating in August 2012. Anna is involved in a variety of organizations including Relay For Life of Georgia Tech as the Marketing Director, Vice President of Communications for Georgia Tech’s American Marketing Association, and a member of the Georgia Trust. She also volunteers for several organizations around the Atlanta Area. As graduation approaches, she hopes to pursue a career working in the marketing industry in-house for a large corporation in brand management or marketing analytics. 

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