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June 30, 2011

Job Transition

by WICT Mentoring Blog

by Kathy Hatala

Whether you choose job transition on your own or are forced into “job search mode” due to a layoff or by another means, it is a daunting reality, especially in today’s economy. Let’s face it, finding a job is a full  time job. In 2010, my position (VP Sales & Marketing) was eliminated  due to industry consolidation and a change in the company business strategy.

After “getting my face out of a box of Kleenex”, I had to jump right into creating my resume, applying for jobs via the internet and networking.  Thankfully, my company offered time with an outplacement center, which I highly recommend. These types of companies help to put your mind on the right track and start your wheels spinning in a forward direction, as hard as that may be. I find the most difficult part of this entire process is motivating yourself – no one else can do this for you, only you can make the effort and create success every day.

It is true what they say, that networking (or “netweaving”) relationships must start before you need a job (or if you want to make a career move) and should be an ongoing effort. I am thankful that I have been a member of WICT for many years, as well as a WICT SE Board member for the past 4 years. The networking opportunities provided by this organization have helped me prior to my job search and have continued during this process.

Below are a few tips if you find yourself in job transition… or if you are seeking a new position within an organization:

1. Network now, when you don’t need it and network all the time. Build solid relationships and put a networking plan together.  Who do want to know better – executives, peers, associates, clients? Make your list and start the process. Join an organization like WICT, attend events and get involved – this is a great way to reach out and connect with others.

2. ALWAYS keep an updated resume. Even if you don’t need a resume now, create one and constantly revise and update it based on new positions, promotions or assignments. You want to keep this current. If you don’t, it can be hard to think back on prior successes or achievements, especially if years have gone by.

3. Use LinkedIn – this is a great business social media website and recruiters are using it to find qualified candidates. Build a profile and connect with colleagues and business associates. You’d be amazed how this can benefit you in a job search.

4. Your next position may not always be “up the ladder”. Remember to consider positions that could be a lateral move, or even a step down if it puts you on the right career path based on your talents and skills. You own your career development and growth – take the steps you want!

5. Stay positive! This is probably the hardest, but most important part of the process. I have to remind myself every day to keep moving forward with an open heart and mind, pressing forward daily. This positive outlook will also come across as you are talking to employers and recruiters.  Remind yourself that you will find the right job or promotion and one is on the way!

I look forward to seeing you at future WICT SE Chapter events….and hope to have good news to share one day soon regarding my job search!

Best, Kathy Hatala/ WICT SE Chapter President

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